About Us

At FoodtoEat, we are passionate about connecting your team with the best food your city has to offer.

That’s why we dig deep to discover remarkable restaurants, caterers, and food trucks from all over town. We personally test their food, vet their service, and coordinate delivery to your office with zero hassle. Whether you’re feeding a team of five or planning hors d'oeuvres and champagne for hundreds, your dedicated concierge will customize a menu to suit your taste, budget, and dietary needs.

New York City is a global food capital and thousands of small business owners here serve delicious food for their livelihoods. In addition to connecting companies with these food entrepreneurs, many of whom are immigrant- and women-owned, our goal is to help them build sustainable businesses by using technology to expand their reach beyond the walls of their restaurant and the boundaries of their delivery zone.

Deepti Sharma
Founder & CEO

Favorite Cuisine: Anything Spicy
Fun Fact: I love my son.

Zach Farber
Director of Sales

Favorite Cuisine: Japanese
Fun Fact: Plays guitar in a band.

Ciara McKeown
Account Manager

Favorite Cuisine: Mexican
Fun Fact: First generation American
who loves dogs more than you.

Breese Pickel
Junior Account Manager

Favorite Cuisine: Seafood
Fun Fact: I once flew 3000 miles for a slice of pizza.

Herson Salinas

Favorite Cuisine: Korean
Fun Fact: Never learned to ride a bike.

Javier Roque

Favorite Cuisine: Mexican
Fun Fact: Is a huge Real Madrid FC soccer fan.